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Shelley is the queen of customer service. She creates experiences your customers will open their wallets for and rave about to all their friends.

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Customer Service Revolution

Customer Service RevolutionWhen was the last time you experienced sensational customer service?

You know, the sort of service that makes you want to tell all your family and friends about it, so they too can experience the buzz of receiving truly professional, personal service?

Never? Hardly ever? Sadly, you’re not alone – particularly in Australia.

In 2013 American Express conducted a study across many countries, including Australia, known as the Global Customer Service Barometer, which examined public attitudes and opinions toward customer service.

At the conclusion of the study all countries were ranked based on their excellent customer service.

Guess where Australia ranked?



Sneak Preview Of What You Can Expect In Our Program

We know how dull and boring most customer service training is, so that’s why we like to deliver our secrets to service success a little differently. Of course, our programs are jam-packed with essential skills and information to help you excel with customers but our fresh, fun and entertaining delivery style makes learning enjoyable – and a breeze!



Benefits Of Our Program

Essential Service Skills is a fun, easy-to-understand and practical program that can take your customer service to the next level. Unlike other programs available, you can start seeing results from these strategies in as little as 24 hours.

Essential Service Skills

Connect better with customers

Follow this complete blueprint to engage and communicate with customers in a way that makes them want to buy from you again and again.

Double your business growth

Discover how to potentially double your business growth - without spending a cent more on marketing.

Turn one-time shoppers into lifelong customers

Find out the scientifically-proven speech and body language techniques that engage, connect and build trust with customers, so they stay loyal to your business.

Connect Better With Customers

Stand out from your competitors

Learn how to make customer service a competitive advantage that can help you to stand out against everyone else in your market.

Convert more lookers into buyers

How to start thinking of service instead of sales, so you can encourage people to buy from you without ‘selling’.

Use complaints to your advantage

Why you should encourage complaints and how to use them to build a great reputation for outstanding customer service.

How It Works

Most companies don’t even have a customer service strategy in place, so just by purchasing the Customer Service Secrets program and making customer service a priority, you’ve already positioned yourself ahead of your competition! Our program is suitable for everyone – from beginners to business owners – and is designed to quickly and effectively springboard staff service skills so you can start seeing real results today!

Purchase The Program

Click on the ‘Get Started Now’ button to purchase Customer Service Secrets. To adopt the program as your new in-house training program, select the option for multiple logins.

Complete The Program

Access the full program using your personalised login details. Work your way through the modules at your own pace, utilising additional support material designed to help you easily integrate your new skills into your own workplace.

Start Using Your New Skills

Impress customers and colleagues with your ability to create powerful customer connections that will have customers wanting to purchase from you again and again.

Experience The Rewards

Watch and smile as your sensational customer service propels your business ahead of competitors, increases overall sales and transforms one-time customer into loyal fans for life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest in customer service?

Customer service can make or break a business. Too many businesses limp along, not realising their poor customer service may be silently sending customers to their competitors. Sadly, business owners and staff are often the last to know when a customer feels let down by a service experience, at which point it’s often too late to turn things around.

Prioritizing customer service and getting it right is guaranteed to have a positive ripple effect on every other aspect of your business and is a simple, effective way to experience instant and long-term results for both the business and customers.

Is the program content of a high quality?

The program’s clear and common-sense approach to customer service training will equip learners with not only the essential service skills needed to excel in the service industry, but with a solid and invaluable skill set for life.

All content is based on successful principles shared by Shelley Thomson in her experience as a professional business advisor and staff trainer.

Is the content relevant to my specific business or industry?

Bad customer service spells bad news for business of any type.  Our simple, straight-forward approach highlights the core components of successful customer service that are essential and relevant to all businesses.  Whether your customers connect with you face-to-face, via the internet, email, or over the phone, the knowledge gained from this learning program will undoubtedly send a powerful and positive ripple effect through any business.

Is the content a little intense and overwhelming like most training programs?

We hate dry, intense training programs too, which is why we’ve created a series of short, engaging learning modules that entertain as much as they inform.  We’re the first to admit customer service isn’t rocket science – so why not mix some fun in with the facts?

Is the program only suitable for 'entry level' staff?

No, the program content is designed to challenge everyone from business owners to managers, from experienced staff to complete beginners. In fact, we strongly encourage owners and managers to complete the program alongside their staff so they can help implement the learning into the workplace then provide guidance and encouragement to their team.

It’s our dream to lift the overall standard of customer service across Australia by establishing our Customer Service Secrets - Essential Service Skills program as the foundation level of knowledge and skills for customer service providers everywhere.


What Customer Service Mistakes Are Costing You Sales?TAKE THE QUIZ NOW



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